Types of Sports Betting Explained

Types of sports bets: explanation
Types of sports bets: explanation

Taking the discussion away from how to win the football betting game easily, let’s review the major types of sports betting. While there are many kinds of sports bets, we will review the most common ones in this space; to describe them in some way, the traditional ones. Easy bets, combined bets and device bets, briefly established below, make up this category.

Simple Bets

They are easy bets, as the name suggests. In a given case, the user selects a set and makes his move. You can do it, of course, as many times as you like, but always on your own. It is very straightforward to determine the win: it results from the multiplication of the sum of money bet by the quota chosen. If you bet 10 euros at a price of 2.00, for example, the gross profit is 20 euros and the net profit is 10 euros.

Combination Wagering

It is precisely a mixture of simple bets: two or three, with each bookmaker deciding a limit. The great advantage of this approach is that the quotas for each selection are compounded by one another, resulting in a high final quota. The bettor has to hit all his plays to win at the same time and as a negative point. In combination bets, events are commonly selected where, a priori, the previous one has a very simple favorite, since they face a higher risk than other types of sports bets.

Betting from The Framework

The consumer incorporates a sequence of events in this situation, but has an advantage over the previously stated, which is that a mistake does not necessarily result in the money spent being lost. System 2/3 is a clear example to illustrate this transformed variant of combination bets. It consists of choosing three events and opting for two selections in each of them, each selection being a bet in itself. The amount wagered is divided into the three bets, so that, to obtain profits, it is necessary to hit at least two of the three plays.


In this modality, which requires a minimum of three forecasts and generally a maximum of eight, the income increases as the number of bets that make up the system grows. Although, of course, it also increases the number of bets that must be hit to win.


It is almost impossible to determine which of the three alternatives listed is the best. They are strictly different and it depends a lot on the chosen event. Simple bets are the most traditional and do not require much analysis, while system bets are considered ideal for those more cautious and speculative bettors.